The Cary Cornhole Classic uses a modified double-elimination bracket with 6 rounds to determine the winner.
  • All teams play in the first two rounds.
  • First round: Winning team goes into the “Winners Bracket.” Losing team goes into the “Second-Chance Bracket.”
  •  If you lose now, you’re out of the tournament, but are welcome to play on unused courts.

Game Rules: 

  • Coin flip determines which team goes first.
  • Toss loser decides which side of board to throw from.
  • Players must always throw from allocated side.
  • Pitch line is the front of the cornhole board next to which you are throwing.
  • Players alternate throws between opponents.
  • Scoring calculated as follows after all 8 bags are thrown:
    • Bag in the hole = 3 pts
    • Bag on the board = 1 pt
    • Bag hanging in the hole = 1pt
    • Bag hanging on the edge of the board = 1 pt
    • Bag on ground = 0 pts
    • Bag hits ground & bounces onto board = 0 pts (remove bag)
  • Once all 8 bags are thrown, calculate net points.
  • If teams have same score, continue pitching order from the last throwing round.
  • Fouls:
    • If a player’s foot passes the pitch line
    • If a player throws out of turn (remove bag; if throw hits another bag, return it to original position)
  • How to win: Game is played until one team scores 15+ points. All 8 bags must be thrown for game to be final.